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The untold stories of Montreal

Le belvédère, parc du Mont-Royal, Montréal, QC, 1916, Wm. Notman & Son, McCord Museum, VIEW-16203

ABOUT the project

Between Past & Present is a project meant to draw attention to the erasure of BIPOC history and identity in the bigger narrative of the History of Montreal and Quebec. This project is a visual and written manifesto of BIPOC’s presence, resistance, and resilience despite the suppression of their cultural essence. By reclaiming BIPOC’s place in historical records and by knowing our shared past, our collective historical narrative will be awakened and strengthened.



Before The Foundation
17th Century
18th Century
19th Century
20th Century


We offer non-exhaustive lists of resources on the history of the Black, Indigenous and Chinese communities mainly in Montreal, but also in Canada. You will find documentaries, books and websites about the history of these communities.

history & poetry

Discover the meaning of the presence of Black, Indigenous and people of Color in Montreal through poetry on themes such as identity, inclusion and belonging.

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thank you

I am Montreal would like to highlight the work of Bliss Mutanda, who thanks to her creativity and passion was able to bring the project to life. We would also like to thank Parker Mah and Jenny Cloutier for their help, resources and invaluable advice throughout the project. We would also like to thank Maya Cousineau-Mollen, Bao-Vy Nguyen and Florence M. Rosalie for giving their voices and feathers to the project.  We would also like to thank Florence, for the correction and revision of our texts.
Special thanks to Joseph Ponton Costumes who allowed us to add a touch of realism to our project. I am Montreal would like to thank Bong Sou, Charles-Édouard Ligondé, Claudia Rwigamba, Gael Stephenson Chancy, Gregory Sioui, Jennifer Debrosse, Jim Tuan Kiet Tran, Lindsy Fandraona, Marvin Ali, Melissa Kavunga, Sabrina Khalisa, Sue Wang and Sali Yang for their participation in the photoshoot. This project was made possible through the YWCA Canada program YWCA 150: Look Back, Push Forward and by the Government of Canada.

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